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92 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District

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*** Objectives:
The role of the Vietnamese Teacher is to develop, maintain and implement our Elementary Vietnamese
program within the school by providing an educational atmosphere conducive to learning and developing through the process of inquiry whilst ensuring compliance with the DOET expectations.
*** Responsibilities:
- Developing trusting and effective relationships with the all the children at ISSP and their parents
- Establishing supportive and positive working relationships with all other members of staff
- Becoming a presence across the whole school and a representative of it within its wider community
Educational role:
- Develop and implement an ISSP Vietnamese curriculum program that addresses Vietnamese the requirements of the DOET curriculum.
- Developing and executing the preparation, planning and delivery of child-centered learning activities for the children in the class
- Being a facilitator in the classroom and taking an interactive role with students
- Using a range and balance of teaching strategies to support effective Vietnamese education
- Grouping strategies using a variety of different learning situations, including whole class, small group, partner work and individual work
- Establishing routines and procedures that help children develop independence and confidence
- Building on what students know, and differentiating to meet student needs
- Using the school’s Restorative Practices to guide learners social and emotional development
- Ensuring that the classroom environment is well-managed, properly ordered and neatly presented
- Planning which emphasizes connections among curriculum objectives.
- Planning in a collegial and professional manner with peers, showing respect, being prepared and on time, and adhering to the school wide meeting norms and team’s essential agreements at all times
- Assessing student achievement and value added in Vietnamese based on indicators and outcomes
- Involving students, parents and colleagues in the assessment process on a regular basis and as appropriate
- Evaluating the program on a regular basis
- Extended professional role:
- Contributing towards the whole-school team spirit by taking every opportunity to promote the philosophy and policies of the International School Saigon Pearl
- Taking responsibility for the class during times of emergency
- Supervising the children at break/lunch and other unstructured times
- Ensuring that the children are safe and secure at all times
- Communicating regularly and positively with parents via timely meetings, class webs, reports and conferences
- Taking a shared leadership role and responsibility in cultural events pertaining to Vietnamese culture, e.g. Tet and Moon festival.
- Coordinating parent meetings where appropriate to review a students’ progress
- Coordinating efforts to engage parents as advocates of the ISSP Vietnamese program
- Involve parents where appropriate in support of our Vietnamese Cultural Events.
- To provide any other reasonable duties delegated by the School Management
- Be familiar and engaged with ISSP Health and Safety Policies and ISSP Safeguarding Policies
- Attend staff meetings and serve on committees as required

Yêu cầu công việc

*** Qualifications
- Bachelor or Master Degree in Education with teacher certification in the area of expertise
- Minimum of three years of full time teaching experience in a related field
*** Skills & Abilities
- At least 3 years of experience in working with children as an elementary teacher with relevant qualifications
- Curriculum development knowledge is required
- Possess highly developed interpersonal and teamwork skill.
- Excellent verbal and written English skills
- Good references on request
- Proficient in using technology in education
*** Knowledge & Experience
Teach basics skills which align with the ISSP / DOET Vietnamese curriculum
Ability to inspire students, through innovative teaching strategies in order to support knowledge understanding.
- Effective classroom management strategies, aligning with ISSP approach to student welfare and wellbeing.
- Giving personal attention to particular students if and when required
- Prepare and provide students with variety of materials and methods to learn and explore
- Keeping and maintaining records for regular assessment of the children
- Regularly communicate with parents regarding their children’s developmental needs and learning progress.
- Strong interpersonal skills, resourcefulness and creative, artistic abilities

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- Health insurance package for employee
- Up to 18 days leave
- Lunch

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