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Tiền Giang
... thống PMDM
. Ngôn ngữ lập trình: JAVA, JSP, PL/SQL(ORACLE)
. Nội dung quản lý hệ thống: Hệ thống thông tin cơ bản
+ Phát triển và duy trì bảo dưỡng hệ thống MES
. Ngôn ngữ lập trình: C#, C++, C, PL/SQL(ORACLE)
. Nội dung quản lý hệ thống: Quản lý chỉ thị sản xuất, quản lý công đoạn, sản lượng sản xuất, quản lý nguyên liệu, quản lý chất lượng, quản lý máy móc, quản lý tồn kho
LươngThỏa thuận
Tiền Giang
... confirmation.
 To make Work Instruction for packing, confirm DIM of carton, loading information.
 To communicate with QA Tien Giang to share and get the approval for the quality issue of products. And Sale/International Order Center makes the final decision if QA Tien Giang cannot do it.
 To make trial production and to arrange the meeting to introduce the new model to Production Unit and QA.
 To send a changing suggestion of product to Technical Development (TD) group to make ECO and to communicate on-time to Build of Material (BOM), Production Planning Monitoring (PPM), and Production Unit about the change of material: update BOM and buy new material.
 To cooperate with Production Units to do the problem solving in mass production.
 To improve continuously the production method, machine and equipment to get higher production efficiency.
 To cooperate tightly with TD group to foresee the problems of new models and come up with the improvement suggestion.
 To communicate with QA, Production Unit to get new technical and quality information about the production technique, machine, equipment, which can be applied in mass production to get the higher efficiency.
 Responsible for performance reviews, and training needs.
 To ensure monthly budget as confirmed
 To ensure in implement company regulations & procedures
 To sign approval processes put into mass production.
 To make FMEA for mass production.
1. Internal:
 Working closely to PPD-Alu Binh Duong about JIG/MOULD, new item.
 Working closely to QA Tien Giang about the technical support, problem solving.
 As defined & mentioned in SCVN Standard Operation Procedures & Working Instructions
 Communicate directly on the daily job, the assigned projects and basic report.
 Communicate tightly with TD during the new prototype development and the mass production implementation.
External Relationship:
2. External:
3. Reporting:
3.1 Superior
 PPD Senior Manager
3.2. Subordinate:
 Technician
 Process Engineer
LươngThỏa thuận
Tiền Giang
... tions
• Identifying opportunities for continuous improvements
• Managing a high number of projects simultaneously in an ambiguous environment
• Influencing the sites and co-manufacturers and holding them accountable to comply with the companys packaging standards
• Remotely managing projects
• Managing conflicting expectations of internal customers
• Influencing internal key stakeholders
• Delivering innovative packaging solutions that deliver on quality, cost and timeline criteria
• Working in a cross cultural environment
• Manager located in a different country
LươngThỏa thuận
Tiền Giang
... costs.
• You evaluate and ensure the quality of products at your suppliers.
• You launch and pilot continuous improvement projects with your suppliers to make progress on their performance (quality, safety, environment, toxicology) and social compliance.
• You are responsible for a regular control plan.
• You measure and correct discrepancies.
• You explain and recommend changes.
• You ensure the process applying in production lines
• You source, select and manage suppliers.
Freedom and Responsibility. Here at Decathlon we believe that our team members are responsible for their decisions. We offer you the responsibility and freedom for you to be yourself, to dare and take action!
We care about your desire to grow and develop. We provide various training courses and mentorships to ensure your professional progress.
Let’s get physical! Do you know how much benefit sports will bring to you?
If you want to practice sport in your personal lives, we will support you for a healthier and happier life.
You and your family’s health are important to us. We offer you and your family comprehensive medical insurance.
Who doesn’t like a bonus? We recognize that you are a key factor to our company’s success. We want to reflect this in the form of a monthly bonus.
Vacation time! We believe that if you work hard, you should play hard as well. We offer 18 days of annual leave. Work life balance is very important.
LươngThỏa thuận
Tiền Giang
... ng to any expenditures.
o HR, including hiring and firing of non-management level employees, completion and submission of all necessary forms, training / coaching, and, if necessary, using our 3 warning system to dismiss non-performing employees - you all have access to either Facebook or other recruiting channels to find new staff.
• Drive taproom traffic and ensure sales goals are met, including:
o Creating amazing brand experiences for all our guests.
o Develop detailed marketing & promotional strategies and ensure they are implemented in line with (and to enhance) the premium positioning of our brand including managing internal / external events (e.g. conceptualizing of event concepts, working with event partners to execute events, including setup, attendance, and breakdown), and measuring the success of marketing activities.
o Manage our social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Untapped, TripAdvisor, etc), including developing and maintaining a message calendar, working with internal team members and / or external partners to develop content with a focus on driving traffic and sales, and responding to messages and reviews (both positive and negative) in a timely manner.
o Develop detailed budgets / forecasts / revenue goals using our business management systems and provide regular performance reports to our senior management, including marketing plans, detailed sales & profitability analysis, and budget updates.
o Develop and regularly review / benchmark, and optimize our pricing structure.
o Drive customer loyalty and repeat business with a focus on local clientele.
• Develop, implement, and optimize our standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure the highest level of customer service and quality, including documentation, staff training / coaching, and compliance monitoring.
• Ensure all business management systems (Kounta, Xero, FUTLRI, Airtable, etc) are updated in real-time, including asset, inventory and batch tracking.
• Remain up-to-date and ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, and financial regulations.
• Collaborate with the Brewery and other Division Heads to manage capacity and output to ensure product is always available across all channels.
• Analyze current and prospective customer psychographics, demographics, and market trends - this information will be used for optimizing our marketing strategies and new product development / menu innovation together with our Brewmaster.
• Research competitors and provide regular updates on competitor marketing, sales channels, pricing, and identify new opportunities for us to succeed in the marketplace.
• Develop strong relationships with key partners (including taproom & wholesale customers, external partners, other breweries, etc) – relationships are very important in the brewing industry to ensure our customers remain happy, defend against increasing competition, and, ultimately, ensure the long-term growth of our brand.
• Become familiar with our draft serving system and able to:
o Perform regular cleaning and maintenance.
o Troubleshoot technical issues, including coordinating with external technicians and other support partners when service is required.
o Approach problems with a solution-oriented mindset and aim for a win-win for all parties involved.
o Ensure service recovery is quickly and properly activated when issues occur with a long-term focus on ensuring exceptional guest experiences.
• Be available when the job requires and dedicate the required time to execute the role effectively, which may occasionally include overtime and holidays.
• Inspire, mentor, and grow our taproom team with a focus on developing and promoting talent internally, including:
o Provide quarterly reviews, including recording progress and areas for improvement with S.M.A.R.T (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound) guidance and support to help team members reach their full potential.
o Recruit new team members to support continued sales growth.
... ter control trouble shooting, CILT implementation, materials management and reporting, Start-up, Run-out, Change over…).

- To maintain machine performance and participate in repair & support maintenance machine daily.

- To keep and maintain good working condition (5S).

LươngThỏa thuận
Tiền Giang
... ers by visiting existing and new customers- Identify, research, and contact ppotential customers and build positive relationships that will generate future business growth.
- Deploy approved marketing promotional materials and programs; Ensures to give on time feedback to the marketing team on all marketing campaigns implemented.
- Proactively monitor external environment, customers and competitors + gather market intelligence to capture value and supply correct information for Aguettant Strategy
- Provide effective reports of the territory based on business plan. Ensure high quality record reports.
- Promote the value of company products as well as the company image within health community.
- Other tasks as assigned by supervisors.
Lương15 triệu - 20 triệu
Tiền Giang
... n Dịch Tiếng Hàn với mô tả công việc như sau:
- Biên dịch tài liệu, hợp đồng, văn bản tiếng Hàn sang tiếng Việt và ngược lại;
- Phiên dịch tại các cuộc họp giữa Ban lãnh đạo Công ty và đối tác.
- Báo cáo công việc với Giám đốc.
- Đảm bảo công việc hoàn thành đúng tiến độ
- Thực hiện các công việc văn phòng khác



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