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... safety, design documents and approved method statement.
- Coordinating, assisting with higher level in solving problems arising in actual construction at the construction site
- Guiding or directly carrying out work related to construction works at the construction site
* Monitoring and Management of assigned projects:
- Regularly monitor the progress of the project based on the diary
- Periodically / unexpectedly check the quality of construction works of contractors based on actual volume, acceptance slips, ...
- Check, review and timely detect errors in records and organization of construction sites; alert, monitor and fix risks if any
- Managing project quality records
* Checking and Acceptance of assigned projects:
- Carrying out the acceptance of the volume and items that meet the quality standards prescribed by the units in charge
- Implement acceptance test when the construction works are in accordance with the design, standards, construction standards and quality assurance in accordance with the contract agreed between the contractor and the investor
- Refuse to take over test when the work does not meet the quality requirements
- Prepare the minutes of acceptance of work and work items according to regulations
* Control, manage and be responsible for materials use for construction:
- Check and manage daily supplies and materials to ensure the original quality
* Other works:
- Participate in supporting relevant departments to prepare bidding documents
- Participate, contribute ideas to build construction rules and measures and other relevant documents and documents within the scope of authority
- Prepare detailed report on construction progress according to regulations
- Safety supervising
- Perform other related jobs.
- Sử dụng thành thạo vi tính văn phòng, phần mềm liên quan đến công việc.
- Ưu tiên ứng viên có kinh nghiệm trong ngành; ứng viên chưa có kinh nghiệm sẽ được đào tạo, huấn luyện ngay từ đầu
- Có kỹ năng giao tiếp tốt, nhanh nhẹn, tự tin và diễn đạt tốt …
- Nhiệt tình, kiên trì, trung thực, cầu tiến và có trách nhiệm với công việc
và hỗ trợ đồng nghiệp.
- Có đam mê, nhiệt huyết và yêu thích lĩnh vực kinh doanh.
Lương10 triệu - 15 triệu
Tây Ninh
... thống PMDM
. Ngôn ngữ lập trình: JAVA, JSP, PL/SQL(ORACLE)
. Nội dung quản lý hệ thống: Hệ thống thông tin cơ bản
+ Phát triển và duy trì bảo dưỡng hệ thống MES
. Ngôn ngữ lập trình: C#, C++, C, PL/SQL(ORACLE)
. Nội dung quản lý hệ thống: Quản lý chỉ thị sản xuất, quản lý công đoạn, sản lượng sản xuất, quản lý nguyên liệu, quản lý chất lượng, quản lý máy móc, quản lý tồn kho
... ỹ thuật, pháp lí được sử dụng trong ngôn ngữ đầu vào để dịch
Thông thạo ít nhất hai ngôn ngữ, đọc, viết, bao gồm tiếng Trung Quốc và một hoặc nhiều ngôn ngữ khác
Sử dụng giọng điệu hoặc cách biểu đạt giúp người nói ngôn ngữ gốc hiểu được
Quản lí tốt thời gian làm việc
Trình bày chính xác, nhanh chóng và rõ ràng các tin nhắn thoại
LươngThỏa thuận
Tây Ninh
... lization
• Supervise and coach all team members who conduct commercialization and production trials to ensure an efficient process flow. Provide guidance for improvements in personal skills and technical procedures.
• Work with the Development management team to ensure that products are ready in a timely manner and assist in achieving buy readiness dates.
• Direct the Commercialization team to ensure Timberland standards and requirements for the engineering and manufacturing of footwear are adhered to with regards to product quality and Development Calendar timelines.
• Resolve technical-related problems which occur during the process of Commercialization and communicate these issues to TBL Management and staff as well as the factory, and if applicable, material vendor management team(s) to ensure follow-up of action items.
• Review prototype products throughout development and identify potential Development, Commercialization or Production issues and provide viable options or solutions to solve these problems. Communicate technical issues to Stratham HQ and suggest possible solutions which may require their approval.
• Oversee full size grading by factory of all new production footwear, achieve model & extreme fit approval and confirm the technical execution against specifications, blue prints and gauges
Production & Quality
• Participate in a clearly defined process that promotes Production personnel involvement in the Product Creation Process to ensure the manufacturability of all products at the time of Buy Readiness.
• Liaise with TBL Quality Assurance management team (USA) to ensure that production footwear meets Timberland’s quality standards and assist in identifying areas of improvement within the Timberland supply chain.
• Nurture a close working relationship/partnership with appointed factories delivering exceptional results against the Scorecard metrics.
• Manage and develop all members of their QA team to ensure all Timberland Key initiatives are met in all areas related to factory continuous improvement such as Code of Conduct, TQS, VOC, etc.
• Collaborate with other Timberland PM’s to develop and implement Best Practices across the entire Timberland Factory base.
• Support the implementation of new Quality systems, to stabilize and then optimize the Timberland Quality process.
• Work with Factory, Vendors and Timberland materials team to assist the Materials team in establishing a system that ensures timely delivery of quality materials.
• Work with the Timberland planning team to ensure on time delivery and reliability targets are met and factory daily throughput activities are kept on time.
• Work with Development, Materials, Production departments, TBL Stratham, and Factories to prevent potential quality problems and to ensure the product is meeting TBL standards.
Major Challenge:
Completed new planning process and new system to put into Timberland brand, which very much unique product mixed and more complexity then the other brands within VF, would need to work collaborated within the Timberland team, Supply Planning in Stratham and Asia sourcing along with Business Unit to get successful merge in system wize.
Rubik / Acadia / Reva 3 versions of SAP might further drive up the complexity ….
Lương15 triệu - 20 triệu
Tây Ninh
... c khóa huấn luyện;
* Biên dịch các văn bản từ Tiếng Hoa sang tiếng Việt và ngược lại;
* Xử lý các công việc hành chánh văn phòng;
* Những công việc được giao khác
Địa điểm làm việc: Tây Ninh (có xe đưa rước từ TP.HCM, hỗ trợ xe khi đi phỏng vấn)
LươngThỏa thuận
Tây Ninh
... conform to Specified requirements
• Negotiate for best price and terms with suppliers.
• Identify new sources of required items/materials
• Plan delivery schedule and follow up delivery process
• Oversee staff performance to handle the price, quotation and PO
• Provide advice and assistance to subordinate as needed
• Report manager accordingly regarding procurement
LươngThỏa thuận
Tây Ninh
... uate activities to achieve stipulated objectives.
• Project Planning: In coordination with COP to facilitate and guide project officers (POs) and partners DOLISA, DOH and DOET to develop overall, annual and quarterly project planning including programming activities and budget.
• Project Implementation: Take leadership role in facilitating POs and partners for the implementation and monitoring of project activities; provide oversight and technical support to the project team in implementation of provincial and district level activities.
• Project Monitoring and Quality Management: Take responsibilities for the project quality at province level by cooperating closely with M&E officer to monitor project quality indicators; facilitate POs to update indicators, achievements, activities and results according to the project LogFrame/M&E system.
• Technical support: In collaboration with COP/POs to develop technical support plan for partner’s key personnel (service providers and family members) in early childhood disability detection and intervention for children; work with consultants to develop intervention plan, training curriculums etc.; work with COP to provide technical ideas for project documentation and advocate the model through documentation and material development.
• Reporting: Compile all inputs to prepare high quality final draft of donor report to submit to COP for review and edit; develop case studies and learning inputs for the reporting to the donor and within VietHealth.
• Financial Management: In close coordination with COP to take responsibilities for developing the overall, annual and quarter project budget at provincial level; work with finance team to monitor/manage disbursement and maintain regular project financial management, including quarterly and activity advance and liquidation, review and adjustment; verify vouchers for project activities.
• Partnership, Communication: Develop positive and respectful partnership relations with partners and other NGOs at provincial level.
• Personnel: Manage the project team to ensure effective performance, quality deliverables, team spirit, personal development… towards achievement of project objectives; manage external consultants for cost-effectiveness and capacity building of project team, partners, and beneficiaries.
* Địa bàn làm việc: Hà Nội
* Số lượng: 01


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