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Đồng Nai
... t HR activities in accordance with internal SOP and statutory compliances
+ Provide response to employee’s enquiries on HR related matters
+ Double check attendance records before monthly payroll
+ Keep track on labor contract renewal timely.
+ Handle all disciplinary and grievances with necessary documentations.
+ Prepare HR reports and meeting related materials.
+ Contribute the process improvement projects, events, function and etc.
+ Provide support on HR initiatives.
+ Provide admin task and office control for working sites
+ Keep cleaning and all sign board in shining way
+ Control stationery, uniform, company asset, sanitary, energy consumption
+ Sourcing supplier to provide Admin and resource service
+ Maintain and manage contracts with agents for HR and Admin task
Lương10 triệu - 15 triệu
Đồng Nai
... borate with the Recruiter to post job ads on careers pages and process incoming resumes
o Prepare reports and presentations for internal communications
o Provide orientations for new employees by sharing onboarding packages and explaining company policies
2. Administration
o Assistance and support to HR Manager
o Telephone operator and receptionist
o Stationary Control
o Organize all facilities and supplies, drinking water and etc.
o Contracts for maintenance of company cars, office facilities etc.
o Express Deliveries
o Record monthly fees for phone, deliveries, stationary
o Stationery: Order/Check/Control monthly stock of stationery
o Hotel & flight ticket booking
3. Facilities
o Arrange conference room and refreshment for visitors
o Organize Office Facilities such as Fax, Copy, Computer, Printer
o Shuttle bus Management
o Supervise housekeeping: cleaning, pest control, security guards.
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Đồng Nai
... as assigned.
- Coordinate with vendor to provide flight reservation, visa as well as travel accident insurance for associates according to travel policy.
- Liaise with corporate hotels to provide hotel reservation following corporate hotel list.
- Arrange local transportation and driver service for associates and visitors.
- Manage daily incoming couriers and mails.
- Perform the purchasing of office supplies and or any goods required for the office.
- Prepare monthly bank report and petty cash report.
- Coordinate for vendor creation, proceed the payment and follow up the payment with Purchasing and Finance Team.
- Support the executive to post posters and distribute communication materials.
- Ensure that at any time all company’s environmental, health and safety requirements are being followed. Report incidents and non-compliance issue to the management.
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Đồng Nai
... - Follow up payment for all expense at Go Dau Stockpile
- Manage all administrative work of the Stockpile
- Manage staff’s attendance and leave record, over time
- Assist with recruitment process, payroll
- Other tasks as assigned by direct Supervisor/Manager
LươngThỏa thuận
Đồng Nai
... ile
- Manage all administrative work of the Stockpile
- Manage staff’s attendance and leave record, over time
- Assist with recruitment process, payroll
- Other tasks as assigned by direct Supervisor/Manager
LươngThỏa thuận
Đồng Nai
... low:
• Recruitment issue
• Business trip arrangement for employees (including e-ticket and hotel booking)
• Training issues
• Employee award & punishment
• ISO issue (company audit/ customer audit)
• Trade Union Issues
• Support foreigners (including apply WP, RC &VISA)
Lương15 triệu - 20 triệu
Đồng Nai
... English and Vietnamese for group companies or vendors
- Understanding about accounting practice is a plus
- Working time: Monday to Saturday, 8:00 – 17:00
- Working location: Dau Giay Industrial Park - Dong Nai province
- Business trip: No
- 13th month salary
- Bonus depending on company business results
- Overtime allowance
- All welfare allowances according to Vietnam Labor Law
- Premium health care plan
- Company mobile phone subsidization
- Lunch allowance
LươngThỏa thuận
Đồng Nai
... ration comply Vietnamese regulation
3) Appropriate Safety and Environment Management
To Manage Safety and Environment work to maintain and improve safety and environment situation for all staff.
4) Implementing Internal Control
To manage and monitor and conduct internal control over HR&ADM and over Business Management
5) Business Management
To make decisions regarding management strategy, corporate , and allocates management
resources to execute these functions like human resource management
6) Administrative responses
Administrative response to government office procedures and labor union procedures and others.
7) Others
Support to legal issue and so on related to HR&ADM and some laws (if HR&ADM section can support).


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