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... .
 Liaise with external partners, like insurance vendors, and ensure legal compliance
 Answer employees’ queries and solve problem about HR-related issues
 Manage administrative activities such as office equipment, maintaining a cleaning and enjoyable working environment.
 Do petty cash payment daily if any arising
 Manage expats’ activities. Make visa, work permit
 Handle external or internal communication or management systems
 Organize, arrange and coordinate meetings
 Sort and distribute incoming and outgoing post
 Work with suppliers in buying stationary, office equipment, drinking water and some other buying
 Coordinate transportation daily
 Arrange meal for staff during working
 Make some reports relating to production or business as required.
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Bắc Ninh
... >- Communicate with customers:
+ In case ·of emergencies
+ Writing letter for customer to inform maintenance schedule
+ Send out letters to tenants
- Give quick translation to correspondences
- To assist to make report
- Any other works assigned by Manager, Senior Manager (SM) and/or Board of Directors (BODs)
- AUTHORITY: Contact With Purchasing Department until get PO University;
- Dept./Div.: Estate Management Department (EMD)
- Section: Administration
- Report to: Head of EMD
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Bắc Ninh
... em of the company as well as of the department;
- Assisting in making the payment requests, purchase requisitions;
- Receiving the customers and visitors;
- Contacting with local authorities;
- Assisting in the travel arrangement for staff/visitors such as Visa, accommodation, transportation...
- Assisting HR section in HR activities such as recruiting daily workers, checking attendance & making salary supporting report for all company employees
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Bắc Ninh
... hức đào tạo người mới để họ có thể hòa nhập với môi trường mới một cách nhanh nhất/ Support to conduct employee orientation/induction and introductory training so that new employees are quickly integrated into the organisation.
***Hành chính/Admin
- Quản lý Nhà cung cấp: xe, bảo vệ, vệ sinh, suất ăn công nghiệp, và quản lý chi phí
Control supplier for: Car, Security, Cleanning, Canteen service, Clinic Centre and control payment as well
- Làm giấy phép lao động, thị thực, thẻ tạm trú cho lao động nước ngoài
Responsible for register work permit, VISA, Temporary residence card for foreigner
- Quản lý tài sản và chi phí cho: áo đồng phục, giầy tĩnh điện, văn phòng phẩm, nước uống…,
Control asset: smock, ESD shoes, card, stationery, drinking water etc., prepare purchase requests, payment requests and cost allocation accordingly
- Tổ chức các sự kiện, tiệc trong công ty
Organize event, party…
- Chăm sóc hỗ trợ khách hàng, khách tham quan nhà máy bằng việc: đặt phòng khách sạn, vé máy bay, tổ chức tour du lịch, …
Take care customer by booking hotel, air ticket, organize tour etc.
- Tham gia vào quản lý công tác An toàn vệ sinh lao động, tổ chức đào tạo; tổ chức khám sức khỏe định kỳ
Join and control Labor Hygiene and Safety job: holding periodical health check, organize training Labor Hygiene and Safety
- Công việc khác được sự chỉ đạo của Giám đốc
Other job will be assigned by Directors
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