Công Ty Cổ Phần Quản Lý Khách Sạn Odyssea

Sous Chef

Công Ty Cổ Phần Quản Lý Khách Sạn Odyssea

63-65 Hàm Nghi, Phường Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh

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Mô tả công việc

Operational Related
• Assist the executive chef in controlling and analyzing on an on-going basis:
- Quality of production and presentation of all food items ensuring highest quality
- Guests satisfaction and feedback
- Operating/payroll/food costs and expenses
- General hygiene standards throughout the department.
• Assists in the preparation of menus and participates in the pricing consultation with the Management.
• Assist in the accurate maintenance of all food recipe data - ensures that it is always updated
• Ensures the completion of the market list in accordance with the hotel standards. Inspects all perishable food items received for quality.
• Responsible for the preparation, production and presentation of all food items to ensure the highest quality standard of items is achieved and bettered. Checks on taste, consistency of including presentation before it is served to guests
• Ensures that food products are stored in proper containers and at the appropriate temperatures.
• Informs the Executive Chef on a daily basis of all relevant information in operational and personal matter, including information which does not require the Executive Chef’s action.
• Daily checks include the following, but not limited to:
- Reviewing banquet event orders or special functions and prepares related materials at least 3 days in advance and is aware of all functions held in the hotel and ensures that all kitchen associates are fully informed
- Staff personal hygiene, appearance, uniforms that they are in proper presentation.
- All store requisitions and ensures orders are consumed on a daily basis
- Inspection of all walk-in fridge and freezer. Ensures all mise-en-place are set in a proper manner and all food items in good quality at all times.
- Checks on all operating equipments, ensuring proper maintenance and control of the equipments within the kitchen. Reports to Executive Chef immediately if there is any fault of the equipment
- Checks mise-en-place of production material and ensures that all items on the feature menu are available.
• Acts promptly should there be any complaints received regarding food quality.
• Controls movement of unauthorized personnel in the Kitchen.
• Assist the executive chef to implement food promotions effectively.
Financial and Administration Related
• Ensures food cost achieves close to potential.
• Assists the section heads in maximizing employee productivity to minimize payroll costs.
• Monitors all kitchen-related costs and recommend changes where appropriate.
• Assist the executive chef in all administrative work required including but not limited to:
- Attendance Records, Leave Applications
- Duty Roster
- Log Book, Purchase Request, Store Requisitions, market list …
• Ensures that all food samples (from the buffet and or Banquet events) are collected, labeled and are properly stored. All required hygiene forms are filled up accordingly
• Ensures that all items received are of the correct specifications, quality and quantity, and items rejected are either replaced in time or cancelled from the delivery note.
• Investigate food cost problems with a view to taking whatever corrective action maybe necessary, and development of food control procedures.
• Provide the Purchasing Manager with specifications for the purchase of food and equipment, and makes sure the best quality for the best price is purchased, Constantly check food supplies to ensure they conform to the quality standards laid down by the company - conduct food tests to ensure product consistency in quality
• Assists the Executive Chef in supervising the function of all Kitchen staff, facilities and costs to ensure maximum Food and Beverage profit is achieved.
• Assumes the responsibilities of the Executive Chef in his absence.
Marketing Related
• Assists the Executive chef to identify market-needs and trends in terms of food for both hotel guests and local market.
• Monitors and analyze the menus and product of competitive restaurants and other hotel banqueting departments.
HR Related
• Conduct, under the guidance of the Executive Chef, such functions as interviewing, hiring, employee orientation, performance appraisal, coaching and counseling to ensure appropriate staffing and productivity.
• Assists the Executive Chef in conducting formal and on-the-job training sessions for all Kitchen staff. Liaise and work with the Training Officer in completing this task.
• Ensure that personal hygiene and grooming standards of the department’s employees are met as specified in the Employee Handbook.
• Ensure all staff are thoroughly orientated and familiarized with the departmental operations manuals, hotel’s rules and regulations, fire emergency procedure and other policies and procedures
• Demonstrate leadership for the company in the area of training and development of staff within your scope of responsibility.
• Put in place and use mechanisms to track progress towards achievement of goals and monitor projects and/or your own work area
• Possess the ability to effectively deliver training to staff.
• Consistently achieve desired outcomes and maintain focus on key priorities.
• Accept accountability and monitor own performance.
• Demonstrate initiative and the ability to manage time and work priorities.
• Be enterprising, open to new ideas and change in the workplace and seek more effective and better ways of carrying out your role.
• Is co-operative and supportive of other team members through consulting, providing feedback and sharing information with others.
• Consider the attitudes and perspectives of the guest and adapt to their differing needs.
• Express ideas with clarity and confidence and in a logical manner.
• Possess good administration and interpersonal skills and the ability to work to agreed timeframes and reporting schedules.
• Confident to lead by example.
• Demonstrate the ability to prioritize and manage the demands of your position.

Yêu cầu công việc

- A diploma or degree qualification. Good in oral and written English
- Previous hotel-related experience desired
- Good interpersonal and communication skills
- Good in planning, organizing and co-ordination
- Showing strong initiative and creative skills

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