Thai Viet Swine Line Jsc

Purchasing Staff

Thai Viet Swine Line Jsc

Tầng 15, số 2 Quang Trung, Đà Nẵng

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Mô tả công việc

• Responsible for the purchasing operations of the company.
• Coordinate requests for quotations/specifications and manages the quotation submission process from potential suppliers.
• Conduct pricing / contract and commercial negotiations ensuring compliance to internal control standards in all sourcing activities.
• Assist, propose and qualify decisions in evaluating buy opportunities at best buy concept.
• Prepare regular reporting on purchasing objectives and projects deliverables for management review.
• Responsible for vendor management- Organizing and participating in the selection and management of suppliers, building long-term and stable partnership with suppliers according to companys purchasing strategies, keep consistent supply, reduce the synthetically cost of purchasing and obtain competitive advantage in purchasing area.
• Organize periodically communications regularly with suppliers on products and prices according to the categorization management.
• Gather and analyze industrial markets, research and development information according to the category of materials, for the sourcing potential suppliers to ensure validity of purchasing strategies.
• Responsible for the continuous development and improvement of purchasing process and implementation of cost reductions.
• Identify purchasing non-conformances, particularly those related to the critical and high volume materials.
• Ensure maximum documentation requirements are maintained for purchasing by all parties and further ensures that the internal post procurement documentation process follows timelines, accuracy and deadlines.

Yêu cầu công việc

• Able to explore, identify and develop new vendor opportunities.
• A team player who could contribute to achieving departmental targets.
• Fluent in written and spoken English or Thailand
• Able to work independently with good analytical skills.
• Dynamic, aggressive, and possess good interpersonal skills.
• Capable in working under high-pressure situations and under time constraints.
• Knowledge in Microsoft Excel, Words, Power Point.
• Knowledge in international sales practices as well as shipping terms.

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- Hỗ trợ mua gói bảo hiểm sức khỏe toàn diện Bảo Việt
- Tuần làm việc 40h, thứ 7 chủ nhật được nghỉ

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