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Production Supervisor (KCN Đồng Văn 2, Hà Nam)

Cargill Vietnam

10th floor, Maple Tree Business Center, 1060 Nguyen Van Linh, District 7, HCMC

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Mô tả công việc

Overall tactical operations for all production/operating processes for a plant. Supports directly the Plant Manager I to ensure all areas of responsibilities meet BU/Plant standards for safety, quality, operational effectiveness and financial performance.Complexity
• Implements and monitors employee and food/feed safety program standards and goals for a plant. Accountable monitoring for all internal/external operating/regulatory procedures on employee safety and food/feed safety including execution in alignment with Corporate Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory (FSQR) Functions as well as government regulations.
• Oversees/supports EHS/FSQR experts and other supervisors to ensure the most effective risk mitigation plans and regulatory compliance strategies are in place. Ensures all regulations are followed and reporting is accurately and timely.
• Health & Safety: champions a culture of zero injury and illness.
• Environmental: Reduces and proactively avoids environmental impact and potential risk to the businesses.
• Food Safety: Accountable for eliminating risks associated with products. Ensures FSQR requirements are met in all food and feed processes.
• Consolidates and assists aggregating results for analyzes of EHS/FSQR incident data to identify risks and to recommend revisions to operating policies as applicable.
• Executes on day-to-day operational priorities for a plant. Monitors operations/quality management deliverables to ensure customer and product/quality standards requirements are met within specifications.
• Collaborates/supports Logistics/Procurement/Sales/Supply Chain professionals to ensure availability of raw materials and ability to meet customer specifications and timelines. Accountable for ensuring that customers are satisfied and that any inquiries, incidents and/or issues are resolved in a timely manner.
• Develops and implements performance metrics for capturing, monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of corporate quality management activities and programs at the plant level.
• Partners with internal/external stakeholders (i.e. customers, Engineering, FSQR, Sales, Technology) to define, adopt and monitor performance indicators to identify/measure quality performance in areas that impact the customers and recommend areas of improvement and innovation.
• Develops/supports business customer relationships by meeting businesses objectives and by understanding how operational performance impact internal/external customers.
• Assists on capital and operating budgets planning for a plant to achieve short and medium term financial performance objectives set by the business.
• With direct oversight from Plant Manager, tracks/monitors manufacturing P&L budgets/metrics and assists with planning overall volume of orders and inventory turns/costs. Partners with procurement/sales departments to establish best sourcing/pricing practices.
• Supports the deployment of base and non-base capital investments projects for a plant. Partners/supports with appropriate COEs.
• Prepares capital commitments with direct/indirect responsibility for project work, controls, and completion.Accountability
• Accountable for the overall operational management of a plant. Implements operational efficiency improvements which may include, but are not limited to, standardization of plant information manufacturing systems, quality control, safety, production reliability excellence and maintenance, operators best practices, etc.
• Responsible for aligning overall team resources, with direct oversight from the Plant Manager, to execute against short-term operation goals and for meeting strategic operations goals in accordance with BU/plant objectives.
• Enforces a culture that builds, operates and maintains plants that are operational sound, safe, and efficient. Leverages/deploys leading operational practices and aggressively raise the performance of poor departments by monitoring key performance indicators (i.e. yield optimization, energy/water usage reductions, operator safety indexes, etc.
• Monitors and assists with deployment of Reliability Excellence processes across a plant and ensures the reliability culture is foundational to operations.
• Collaborates with COEs to identify, deploy and leverage opportunities for continuous improvements applicable to the entire business/platform.
• Supervises and provides coaching to direct reports including coaching Cargill’s core values and guiding principles for the plant.
• Develops/implements general workforce administration policies and programs in the areas of communications, staffing, training, evaluations, disciplinary actions and safety. Develops/supports planning for future production workforce needs and participates in selection of employees.
• Implements/supports Plant/BU operational/reliability/safety training programs and monitors employee performance records on a monthly/ quarterly basis.
• Supports workforce planning and accountable for successful training and on boarding of new/transferred employees as well as workforce engagement, recognition, development and coaching.
• Implements/monitors systems and processes to maintain a highly engaged workforce. Holds direct reports accountable for actively addressing engagement issues and identifies/leverages best practices in engagement.

Yêu cầu công việc

• Degree holder in Mechanical, Electric, Automation, Technology Engineer
• Possess certificates of GMP, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000, EHS, Safety, LEAN…will be advantages.
• 5 years in management in high mass volume manufacturing companies, 3 years at the same position is a must.
• Demonstrates expert knowledge in manufacturing and inventory.
• People management.
• Excellent leadership and team work, strong communication skills and able to communicate with all levels in the plant.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office (word, excel, powerpoint).
• Proficiency in English.
• Good planning and organizing skills.

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