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Asian-North American Sourcing Company is seeking a Vietnam Product Manager
DDI Inc. is looking for an experienced Vietnamese Product Manager to be the foundation of our new Vietnamese manufacturing presence.
DDI is an international sourcing company with offices in the US, China, Japan and Europe. All of our manufacturing is done in China presently. DDI needs to diversify its manufacturing base and Vietnam is a key part of this strategy. The successful candidate will be experienced with various manufacturing processes, read drawings, measure parts and monitor quality control standards. They must have experience working with factories to source products and should have familiarity with local pricing, being able to negotiate competitive terms and pricing for DDI. The candidate should possess a relentless commitment to quality and on time delivery.
Job Functions
• Actively seek out competitive factories that meet DDI’s manufacturing needs
• Qualify and audit factories
• Negotiate best possible prices for products from the factory based on the optimal processes and qualified materials.
• Work with factory engineers and production teams to make sure the products are made to specification
• Qualify and approve/reject samples and production parts
• Sign purchasing contract with the factories and negotiate with the factory for quality claims if any
• Monitor the progress of the production orders and make sure the orders are produced as scheduled. And report to DDI US team and DDI China with any changes.
• Coordinate delivery and logistics from the factory to port
• Communicate effectively and regularly (daily) with both the DDI China and DDI US teams
• Manage a group of engineers, quality control and support personnel once office is up and running

Yêu cầu công việc

• 6+ years sourcing/production/manufacturing/engineering experience
• Experience in a variety of manufacturing/production environments important – particularly metal fabrication, casting, assembly
• Goal oriented with good organization and time management skills
• Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing skills a plus
• Familiarity/communication with US companies also a plus
• English language skills not necessary but preferred
• Ability to read and understand English drawings and tech documents is preferred
• Good driving skills, and can accept frequent business travel
• Knowledge of Supply Chain Management are preferred
Education and /or Experience
• Engineering degree ideal but hands on manufacturing and engineering experience in lieu of a degree also acceptable
• Work with a multi-national corporation with Vietnamese presence very beneficial
• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with engineering, sales, quality and logistics teams
• Proficient to advanced skills in Microsoft Office Suite

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Potential Bonus based on Product under Production

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