Oppo Science & Technology Company Limited

PR Manager

Oppo Science & Technology Company Limited

12 Floor, Lim II Tower, 62A Cach Mang Thang Tam, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Dist 1, HCMC

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Mô tả công việc

Planning and successful implementation of PR & Marketing activities for the company in the given geographies, working closely with region-based PR Team aliens with headquarter Communications team to plan and implement effective PR activities in support of the companys business objectives in regions and thus participating in building up overall positive public image of the company.
1. Cooperating with region-based PR Team on regional implementation of overall PR strategy
2. Supporting PR team to manage the companys reputation in the given geographies through planning, developing and implementing specific regional PR activities and programs
3. Supporting on organization of the provincial media events: planning and handling press conferences, media trips, media visits etc.
4. Supporting on content Building: Corporate Stories for PR & Communication (regionalized)
5. Supporting on handling local media questions on routine topics within a given regional procurement (regionalized)
6. Supporting on handling Crisis Communication under the leadership of region-based PR Team, including customer complaint handling (regionalized)
7. Supporting on building and maintaining the professional contact management towards the decision-makers and journalists in the regionally-based media
8. Supporting the nation-wide PR activities according to the needs of region-based PR Team, including the overall PR support to provincial Business Heads

Yêu cầu công việc

1. Bachelor’s Degree or above (preferably in Communications/Marketing, Journalism)
2. Minimum two years of experience at the relevant position, proved track record in the given geography is a must
3. Deep understanding of concept of PR profession, with great understanding on PR article and related copywriting capacity is a must, with proven expertise to localized international content
4. Reasonable, proven relationship to the media (journalists and media decision-makers) in the given geographies
5. Understanding of how decision-making in media works in the given regions
1. Fluent both in local languages and English (full oral and written command) Mandarin is huge plus.
2. Persistent, performance-driven and solution-oriented
3. Highly trustworthy and energetic, proactive an enthusiastic
Skills and Competencies
1. Excellency in interpersonal communications
2. Ability to socialize, to develop and maintain informal networking necessary for the excellent performance in the job
3. Competence to translate the nation-wide topics into the stories highly relevant for the given geographies
4. Communicative, well-structured personality with the acceptance to be the high performing member of a virtual PR team
5. Event management skills

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- Lương tháng 13, Thưởng cuối năm

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