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Paint Shop Engineer

Ford Vietnam Limited

Human Resources Department - Ford Vietnam Limited, 6th floor, 23 Phan Chu Trinh, Hanoi

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Mô tả công việc

• Lead VOME (Vehicle Operations Manufacturing Engineering) LQOS (Launch Quality Operating System) work-streams from VP (Verification Prototype) through to OKTB (OK to Buy) for future programs within APA. This will include:
• Paint Tooling:
 Work with Launch team to design all paint slave tools. Start triall with actual unit and work cross functionally with the Paint Shop team, Body Shop team and TCF team to develop and buy off all of the tooling.
 Calculate the amount of slave tools needed and order from supplier after slave tools buy off process completed.
 Support production team for workability improvement that related to slave tools modification.
 Work with cross functional team to do process validation in case of slave tools design changed.
• New Colour Plan Development and execution:
 Coordinate with paint supplier for paint development.
 Purchase and provide all necessary material needed for Paint line trial, e.g., paint material, paint line cleaning material, dummy units, closure parts and test panels.
 Support Paint Line trial to develop paint film thickness and get the right color shade, coordinate with paint supplier, maintenance team, launch team and manufacturing engineer.
 Work with Design Quality Team, Paint Supplier for color harmony activity.
 Evaluate the amount of paint remaining for runout colors and work with MP&L and Paint supplier to minimize the obsolescese cost.
 Provide the pelt measurement tools calibration for new colors/new substrate.
 Support the procurement and distribution of color standard panels to related team.
• Paint Appearance:
 Work cross-functionally with Paint supplier, Paint process engineers to adjust and develop paint appearance (CF) to achieve and exceed Ford Paint Appearance Standards as Control Plan
• Health Chart adherence:
 Work with manufacturing team to evaluate Chip and Scratch, Dirt in Paint healt chart and ensure that plant achieve 100% Paint Health Chart Specification
• Launch QOS Metrics for New Model Programs (Facilities and New Processes)
 Paint score card update in each build phase and ensure that they are all green at OKTB.
• Paint Bulk Material.
 Release new material in GMAP to get approval and coordinate and conduct testing to determine material and process parameters for plant application of color.
 Work with cross functional team for testing and to validate new material compatibility in case of changing substrate, new material from body shop that might related and concerned to paint quality, e.g., re-localize body substrate, new stamping oil, new body sealers
• Special Support:
 Coordinate and support benchmarking study for materials and paint process.
 Work with cross functional team to support TVM activity that related to paint process, e.g.wax deletion, box hole deletion.
 Support production team to investigate and resolve the issues related to paint quality and paint process in daily basis.
 Work with Paint Global team to create virtual paint slave tools in teamcenter

Yêu cầu công việc

• University degree in Mechanical Engineering
• 5 years technical work experience and troubleshooting in a Manufacturing / Experience in manufacturing engineering, Process Engineering, Production Supervision
• Fundamental working knowledge of CAD drawing
• Ability to work any shift as well as rotating shifts and weekends
• Ability to work independently with limited supervision
• Strong organizational and administrative skills
• Ability to multi-task
• Strong problem-solving and conflict management skills
• Demonstrated experience in accomplishing tasks and objectives.
• Previous Production supervision.
• Continuous Learning & Improvement
• Process and Results Driven
• Able to coach others
• Preferred candidates from Paint shop or paint engineering experience

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Private insurance
- Training opportunities
- Daily shuttle bus between Hanoi - Hai Duong

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