Vinataba-Philip Morris Limited, Hcmc Branch

Manager (Off & On-Line) Trade Activation

Vinataba-Philip Morris Limited, Hcmc Branch

15th Floor, Vincom Center, 72 Le Thanh Ton, Dist.1, HCMC

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The use of Digital Technology to improve companys performance- efficiency as effectiveness across Channels has become a key focus. The Incumbent role is to manage and further develop the companys On-line & Off-line Trade Activation needs within and beyond the Digital Trade Engagement (DTE) solutions already in place for thousands of Trade Partners across channels and cities, supported by a dedicated team in the Shared Service Center back-office (6-8 Pax).
Effective planning, development & execution of DTE Content into the local Digital Platform, working close with Brand Teams, Local Agency, Regional Headquarter for new iterations and tools, as well understanding what works / doesnt in the digital roll-out to improve KPIs. Said KPIs are based on Targets set, being measured through digital tools to understand: Activation rates, bounce, time on site, aside the monetary benefits sprouting out of the implementation and usage.
- Manage and support when and where needed the current Off-line Trade Marketing activities related to POSM Production, warehouse Management and allocation.
- Propose, review and approve the Trade Marketing/ Digital budget allocation and manage the implementation in order to ensure cost effective, efficient and well-controlled execution as well as optimal phasing.
- Propose the right selection of outlets (through Segmentation principles) for the implementation of trade marketing programs in line with National Brand & trade marketing strategies by managing the criteria selection, including optimal spent by type of outlet / channel.
- Trade Programs & Sales Force In-call-Mission Development:
o Lead the Brand Cycle Planning process and connect all stakeholders to align brand plan & trade plan for Vietnam on monthly basis;
o Develop and propose nationwide and region-specific trade programs for retailers & wholesale Channels (on premise, off-premise, excluding KA) to address business BPWATTS/BOWATTS;
o Develop integrated trade deployment plan , and Jobs to be done by Sales Force for new product launch in alignment with brand team, and establish critical KPIs of the launch;
o Develop trade program toolbox for the DTE Sales force to engage with critical retailer pool to build trade alliance, loyalty and advocacy.
- Manage nationally the Global Sales Force Solution, localized under the Qua+ Digital Trade platform in which weekly tasking and content is provided to Trade Partners to execute. This requires aligned content planning for Brand Agnostic and Brand specific topics, being delivered in different formats (Articles, Quiz, infographics, video, iFrame , gamification etc.) while being monitored and measured through various tools in terms of efficiency and effectiveness (Google Analytics, SF Einstein etc.)
- Adapts content to the needs of company and Trade Partners to achieve highest activation and nutrition rates.
- Forecasts & manages planned vs. Actual Monthly, quarterly as yearly budget, suggests re-investment or savings based on aligned deployment plan and set KPIs.
- Initiates improvement processes through adapting Globally deployed best practices. On-line vs. off-line Time Mgt. is projected at 80/20 if no specific initiatives occur.
- Provide OB LRP, Rolling Forecast analysis as required by RHQ and local management.
- Prepare the GMRB upload to ensure the accuracy of data submission (OB LRP and Rolling Forecast) and meet RHQ/PMI GMRB report requirements
- In view of our roll-out of our Smoke-Free Future vision, content and tool extension adaptation will relate to the integration of E-commerce and others dependencies of the platform for future requirements.
- The ability to understand and manage the development and deployment of such a project-based deliverables are prone to this function, requiring high level of collaboration, pro-activity and alignment with many stake-holders across and outside the organization. Details of such a needs will be outlined due time within the job-scope.
- Manages budget of 2.4 M USD, close to 50% of Ttl Operational Budget.
- Manages a team of 6 Admins. Motivate, develop and supervise people under your responsibility, through regular OTJ coaching session as well as feedback, development plan and transfer of knowledge.
- Foster effective team work environment spirit and encourage initiatives and bottom up input to maximize individual’s potential on the job.
- Ensure that all On & Off-line Trade Marketing programs/activities are aligned with the context of the current legislation, local regulations and PMI policies in conjunction with Corporate Affairs and legal advisors.
- Maintain a thorough understanding of the major Legal and/or Corporate issues which impact or may impact the tobacco industry and/or VPM in order to translate such issues into the implementation of new strategies, plans or programs that may arise from them.
- As PMI adapts towards a Project Based Operation model, the Incumbent shall be requested on regular base to lead or being a project member of plural initiatives out of the Functional Scope as outlined above. Timing, resource allocation and expected deliverables will be aligned with Line Mgmt. as well the owner of such projects.

Yêu cầu công việc

- At least 5 years of Functional knowledge of Process Management , experience in IT Business Systems and/or Business Development as well - Digital Marketing Development, B2B, E-commerce are top prerequisites. Added values are vast experience in Trade Marketing in Technological or FMCG industries.
- University Degree in Digital Marketing, Business Admin, IT or equivalent.
- Highly skilled in Microsoft & Project Mgmt. Tools.

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- According to companys policy

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