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Công Ty TNHH Auto Hoàng Gia Sài Gòn

Hồ Chí Minh

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Mô tả công việc

Overall Job Purpose:
Leads and manages the Dealership’s service activity to provide a profitable and effective service through satisfying and retaining customers /
Key Responsibilities
Leads, develops and motivates the Service team
• Leads the team by personally demonstrating and encouraging the Service team to demonstrate the JLR Customer Behaviours in their daily activities and in all interactions with customers
• Ensures the Service team works closely with Sales, Parts and Administration colleagues to deliver outstanding customer service
• Develops the technical skills and workmanship of the team to continually improve the quality of customer service and satisfaction
• Motivates the team to achieve sales and profitability targets
• Supports the team in the resolution of complex issues
• Establishes and monitors the team’s training requirements to ensure the required level of skill and expertise is achieved
• Implements performance management and develops the team to improve performance
• Selects and appoints new team members including apprentices and ensures they are equipped with the required skills and training
Drives performance to achieve key targets and deliver continuous improvement
• Manages day to day operations of the Service department
• Achieves targets through reviewing weekly/monthly accounts, operating controls and composite figures
• Formulates and implements action plans to increase service sales
• Maximises service opportunities to meet sales and profit targets
• Maximises sales of parts and labour to franchise and non-franchise customers
• Facilitates jobs within the agreed maintenance programme ensuring no jobs are delayed due to equipment failure
• Creates and initiates service marketing plans, initiates and implements advertising and promotional activities
• Maintains workshop and body shop productivity records to monitor the effective use of labour
• Maintains profitability through periodic review and assessment of pricing policy, labour rates and fleet discounts
• Manages system to record all lost sales, reviews regularly and takes appropriate action
• Ensures all administration is completed accurately and on time, reviews administrative procedures and reporting systems to identify and implement improvements
• Analyses current procedures and identifies opportunities to enhance facilities and improve the customer experience while maximising profitability and quality of workmanship
• Ensures maintenance of tools, equipment and operating areas, ensuring compliance with legislation
• Administers the warranty policy in the best interests of the customer, dealership and manufacturer
Works as a full member of the Dealership team
• Assists the Dealer Principal to formulate service strategy and policy
• Represents the Dealership and builds strong relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and statutory representatives
• Works with colleagues and other teams across the Dealership to deliver improvements and provide a seamless service to customers, ensuring that customers are introduced to the Service team
• Uses feedback to improve skills and performance of self and the Service team
• Understands and follows relevant JLR Operational Guidelines
• Ensures opportunities for sales by other teams are followed up by the appropriate colleague
• Ensures the Service team adheres to legal, environmental and health and safety requirements, ensuring the safety and security of people, vehicles and property at all times reporting any known faults or hazards

Yêu cầu công việc

•10 year experience in Aftersales, Service and Parts in Automobile
• Excellent in customer service and teamwork.

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