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Mô tả công việc

1. Responsible for maintaining the Electrical equipment and facilities in the process units /utilities & offsites to the required operational safety and efficiency by providing technical support in terms of carrying repair, modify and rectify systems and components faults in accordance with the client’s procedures and specifications as well as guiding junior maintenance technicians in their development.
2. To oversee or supervise installation, maintenance and/or testing of electrical system in vendor shop and at work site.
3. To develop construction, installation, system testing and commissioning procedure ensure work execution in accordance to client’s requirements, engineering specifications and standards.
4. To ensure all efforts are made from available sources to comprehend given task thereby ensuring safe, effective job deliverance and feedback to superior of the job progress.
5. To coordinate with other disciplines, supervisor or even with the subordinates, client and vendors for equipment installation, testing of electrical and instrument system according to requirement.
6. To evaluate and keep track of the maintenance requirements and related plans, particularly in material and equipment schedule, equipment and manpower handling.
7. To update for the design engineering and preparation of materials for requisition and make sure that the documents are compiled, controlled and updated to the latest version.
8. To prepare Risk Assessment and Method Statement of work activities in compliance to project HSSE action plan.
9. To ensure electrical hardware, systems and vendor equipment are installed to the client’s quality standards with flawless performance.

Yêu cầu công việc

1. Good University degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent from a recognised college or university.
2. At least 5 years experience in maintenance work in Oil & Gas, refinery or petrochemical plants.
3. Ability to provide safety guidance and quality control as work leader.
4. Understand the necessary electrical theory (DC circuit, AC circuit, magnetic circuit).
5. Having basic knowledge on electrical equipment types, applications, structures and applicable standards. Having basic knowledge on power receiving/ distributing equipment (distribution board, transformer, circuit breaker, protective relay), generator, motor, cabinet panel, receptacle, explosion proof starter, field operation controller, cable, lighting equipment, earthing equipment, lightning arrestor equipment, control center, combination starter, communication equipment, temporary equipment, etc.
6. Having basic knowledge on types and characteristics of electrical materials such as insulating and conductive materials, protective system for each unit of equipment and objective of earthing.
7. Having basic knowledge on short circuit protection, overload protection, ground fault protection.
8. Understanding types, principles and purposes of measuring testing instruments in inspection and diagnosis, handling, guilding and evaluating.
9. Having basic knowledge on tester, insulation resistance measuring instrument, withstand voltage tester, machine checker, cable insulation diagnosis, relay tester, cable failure prober.
10. Understanding the explosion proofs equipment and electrical work.
11. Being able to prepare, instruct and guide on electrical work design and work execution.
12. Understanding sequence and being able to conduct, direct and guide sequence tests.
13. Ability of handling working safety basics detector, protector for insulation and protector, installation/ removal of short circuit earthing, protection or charging portion.
14. Understanding regulations, standards, specifications and rules.
15. Good inter-personal and English communication skills, team work player.
** Candidates please send your CV (in English only) with the latest photo.

Quyền lợi được hưởng

- Competitive Performance-driven Salary Package
- Working in a high performance organisation
- Wide learning opportunities

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