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Vincere.io is a SaaS cloud recruitment tool empowering the executive search and staffing agencies to recruit the best talent in 50+ countries spread across 5 continents. We have been voted as the no.1 front runner technology in the category of ATS software in 2018 which is conducted by Gartner thru Software Advice. This is a flattering testament from our loyal customers around the globe! At Vincere we are passionate about what we do. As you are equally driven we are so we are looking forward to meet you to join us on this journey of rapid expansion.

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Việc làm tại Công Ty TNHH Dịch Vụ S.e.h.a

Marketing Excutive


Thỏa thuận

Hồ Chí Minh

Responsible for all aspects of marketing existing Vincere solutions
Develop an annual marketing plan in conjunction with Marketing Manager
Management of online presence, including SEO monitoring and activity: a sharp sense of online marketing acumen is required here
Be the Vincere social media guru: manage our company profile across multiple, multilingual social media channels
Content management of multi-language websites, via our website CMS
Budget management. To deliver all marketing activity across multiple offices within the agreed budget, on-time
To achieve frequent, timely and positive media coverage across all available media in all operating offices
To demonstrate the ability to interact and cooperate with all company employees, working with all departments for the successful execution of marketing strategy
Close collaboration with management team to ensure that marketing message is on-point and delivered with maximum impact
Management of the Vincere brand across all offices: ensuring consistency of message and aesthetics in existing and new offices
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Office Manager


Thỏa thuận

Hồ Chí Minh

*Human Resource:
• Recruitment: manage recruitment for all positions internationally.
• Merit & Performance: assist the process of Employee Performance Evaluation annually. Handle post-Merit process with employees, compulsory procedure by Labor Law or Social Insurance Law.
• Employee Benefits: manage all employee benefits program
• Compensation: manage Payroll for employee based on Attendant/Absence/OT report.
• Manage employee profile (emails, personal profile, offers, labour contracts, etc)
• Cultural Activities: make sure all activities are well plan and well prepared, running smoothly to get the highest satisfaction from employees.
• Labor relationship: perform procedures regarding to Labor Contract, Social Insurance, Trade Union, Personal Income Tax & handle Annual Tax Finalization, etc.
• Planning & Budgeting: in-charged in HR planning for following year based on company strategy. Propose & manage the approved budget of HR/Admin to be effectively spent for a year.
• Reports & Filing: conduct and file Labour & HR report up to current regulations (Attendant/Absence/Leave/Headcount/Company regulations and Collective Labour Agreement, etc) to related Union and Labour Departments of Vietnam.
• Any other tasks assigned by immediate Supervisor.
*Office Administration:
• Office operations: manage office supplies, equipment to ensure a smooth operation. Manage parking registration and monthly report. Send and receive mails & posts
• Employee Admin: supervise HR assistant to perform employee administration issue likes business trip, or expat Work permit, visa, residential card, apartment leasing.
• Any other tasks assigned by immediate Supervisor.
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Senior Finance/ Accounting Executive


Thỏa thuận

Hồ Chí Minh

About you:
You are a talented and passion driven individual who values working in a fast-growing environment, delivering high quality client-oriented services and collaborating with your peers.
You are a motivated, detailed oriented, have technical skills and energetic person who works well in a fast-paced, dynamic small-team environment. You learn quickly and are passionate about helping others.
You desire to be part of a fast-growing company and contribute to the mission of building the tool of choice of ambitious companies that everyday strive to enhance their daily recruitment operations.
You are oriented to grow and so are we: our customer base in the past 6 months have been growing significantly and are poised to even more growing by the end of 2019.
Reports to Finance Manager
Responsible for recording daily journal entries of sales and expenses.
Assist to provide cash flow, management and accounts receivables report
Preparation of audit schedule
Chasing and following up on outstanding debtors
Issuing and sending of invoices to customer
Cash book management
Inter-company fund transfer, billing and reconcilliation.
Liaison with Corporate Secretary and Auditor
Balance sheet and Profit & Loss Schedule
Assist in monthly and year-end account
Other ad hoc projects assigned by the Finance Manager
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