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Hồ Chí Minh

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Operational Leadership
* Drive the commercial performance of the clinic channel against agreed business plans, instilling a culture of continuous improvement to deliver efficiencies and surplus creation
* Analyze quarterly performance data and feed this into the quarterly review process.
* Work closely with the Quality Assurance and Technical Training team to ensure that clinic services comply with minimum healthcare standards, and Global Goods policies and take immediate action on any areas identified for improvement
* Consider the scope of services provided, opening hours and issues related to client satisfaction and discussing proposed changes with the Commercial Senior Director.
* Ensure, with support from the Finance team, clear processes and mechanisms for financial reporting.
* Work with the administration department to institute a system for monitoring and tracking commodities, equipment and other resources at the clinics. Ensure that record keeping systems at the clinics are kept up to date and accurate.
* Monitor weekly and monthly performance of clinics and provide the Commercial Senior Director with regular updates.
* Monitor clinic performance trends and identify opportunities for strategic interventions to ensure the ongoing growth and development of the clinic network.
* Work closely and create synergy with other channels, such as the Social Marketing program and Public Sector Strengthening programs.
* Work closely with the Client Care Center to attract more clients to the clinics.
Clinical Excellence and Client Care
* Ensure that the client remains at the center of everything we do and that clients are always properly counselled on their rights, treatment methods and choices, with appropriate referral whenever suitable and necessary.
* Ensure high quality service standards are maintained and a high level of client satisfaction is always achieved.
* Work with the Quality Assurance team to ensure that set clinical standards/protocols are understood, disseminated and upheld by the clinic teams. Ensure regular and effective supervision to check adherence to set protocols.
* Work closely with the clinical quality team to address identified performance gaps and ensure clinical mentorship is provided.
* Ensure that clinic teams maintain an effective referral system for the treatment of clinical complications.
Strategy and Development
* Coordinate the annual business planning process for all clinics, including budgets and the setting of objectives, goals, strategies and measures.
* Develop a new, innovative direction and business model for the clinics to increase sustainability of the channel.
* Monitor clinic performance trends and identify opportunities for strategic interventions.
* Work with the RM team to gather evidence regarding clinic related activities, adjusting activities as required, to achieve strategic and operational objectives.
Marketing and Sales
* Plan, implement and monitor the marketing activities of the clinics, in close collaboration with the Marketing Team.
* Investigate the number of regular clients to use the service and report the survey results to the Commercial Senior Director.
* Ensure communication activities are conducted in a quality and effective manner
* Survey the quality and prices of services provided by other providers in the same area to plan and adjust the services of the clinic
People Management
* Direct line management responsibility for all clinic team members with overall accountability for the performance of the entire channel team.
* Work with the HR department to recruit and train new team members.
* Proactively mentor, coach and develop clinic team members to critically assess opportunities to improve income, reduce costs, maintain excellent quality and increase client flow.
* Ensure that the structure of the clinic channel team is fit for purpose and that all roles and responsibilities are relevant to the needs and demands and that priorities are clearly communicated to all team members.
* Ensures that every clinic channel team member is performance managed and that development plans are in place for growth, talent management and succession planning.

Yêu cầu công việc

* Bachelor or equivalent degree in Business Administration, Health Management, Marketing, Sales, Administration Management or any other relevant discipline.
* Experience in a management position, preferably in the health systems management, hospital management, family planning or community development.
* Proven experience of driving impact, quality and sustainability in a health facility and improving operational standards.
* Good experience in information systems management, implementing technology solutions, data integration and designing effective and efficient business processes.
* Strong communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to build strong working relationships and good cultural awareness.
* Operates collaboratively in cross functional teams and knows how to work with other teams towards a shared vision. Open to ideas and contributions from others.
* Able to develop and articulate a clear business vision and plan with proven strategic thinking and planning skills.
* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
* Negotiation, influencing and conflict management and resolution skills.
* Able to switch between developing strategy and strategy implementation for effective operation.

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- According to companys policies

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